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Amateurs Outdoor Creampie

Its always fun to see a new picture come through that adds to the mix and in this update we where given just that when Dominic send in this cool photo of his ladies snatch after the amateur couple made this outdoor creampie.

Its a rare glimpse into a sexual encounter, to put it mildly, after all very few of us get to experience the oppurtunity to play outdoors in an intimate way but thankfully Glen and Samantha did and this was their contribution.

Glen mentioned in his email that Samantha had been relaxing out on their tiny balcony reading a book and enjoying the summer sun and he thought the time was right for a little something, something, if you know what we mean.

He dropped his pants and walked on out, which suprised Samantha, but she quickly understood what was about to happen, got to love a girl who likes sex. Anyway to make a long story short he flipped up her skirt and pealed off the panties covering her hot pussy and proceeded to bang out a nut, only concluding when he had completely loaded up her little box with cum. Not one to waste an oppertunity like this he snapped off a few pics with his cellphone and sent us the result, a perfect amateur creampie done in the sunny outdoors. Thank you Glen!

My Girlfriends Amateur Creampie

Another day and another picture from one of our great and much appreciatted viewers, this one of his girlfriends amateur creampie, which was made in haste and not well received as he described it.

Justin, the boyfriend wrote in this with the picture...

Dear amateur creampie, please add this picture of my hot girlfriend Lorie and the creampie that I was able to capture during our weekend together while on leave from college.

Lorie and I have been dating from about six months and she is very shy, as you may have noticed by her gestures, and wasn't impressed with my antic camera skills. We where at her parents house in her bedroom playing and as precaution we avoid doing it to completion in this manner but on this day that didn't happen.

I had seen your site and have been visiting occasionally when I thought about the idea of contributing but Lorie doesn't like cameras at all as she is extremely shy. Needless to say after doing the deed I just happened to have my phone in hand so I took aim and snapped this image of my girlfriends amateur creampie for you. At the time of the snap she was trying to block the view, but I ended up catching a great picture of her silky beauty so enjoy.

My Redhead Wife Shows Us The Creampie

If your every wondering what to do on a Saturday night take note on what redhead Ellen and husband Teryl decided to do, have a little sex and make a great creampie to show us!

Personally I'm a big fan of redheads, don't know why, just am. Maybe its the firey red hair and creamy white skin that gets me, or maybe its just the way pussy looks surrounded with orange

Regardless of my personal taste Ellen is sight to behold and we are thankful for the couples contribution here today and the perfect looking amateur creampie which is flowing from her freshly nailed box.

I hope the yellow leather sofa doesn't take a stain easily Teryl but thanks a bunch for the great picture of your redhead wife showing us all the creampie you decided to make. Given the beauty and sex appeal your wife carries, I'm hoping you will grace us with additional images in the future.

Drunk Night Leads To A Creampie Oppertunity

Never fear hun, I will get a picture! Wouldn't we all love to be able to say those words and more importantly have a wife who enjoys having pictures taken of her creamy box. Well this update is just that, send in by Dwane and his lovely wife Sarah when a drunk night lead to this creampie oppertunity.

Here is the story he sent along with the pics... Hey amateur creampie, please add this picture of my wife Sarah and a creampie oppertunity I took advantage of after a night of drunk bar jumping with friends.

At the end of the night we where dropped off and of course with Sarah drunk and horny she decided to strip down right at the front door. Obviously she wanted to fuck so we done it right there in the hallway and to make a long story short it only finished after I loaded up her pussy. Sarah loves to pose for me on cam and I wanted to get a couple so I told her to head to bed and I would find the camera. Well after stumbling around in the desk I finally did and headed her way, only to find her passed out in the

There she laid, naked and beautiful, and there in alls its glory a sloppy creampie deposit. No way was I gonna let this drunk state lead to a missed oppertunity to photo her creampie so I snapped this image. The next morning I showed it to her and we both got a big laugh out of it and hope everyone who see this does too. Enjoy and best wishes and keep up the fun.

Sweet Blonde Amateurs First Creampie

Jason, a hard working college student, sends in this juicy picture of his lovely sweet blonde girlfriend Samatha's creampie, which turns out was her first ever or at least her first ever on

Well Samantha, thank you for allowing such, as your a beautiful young lady and your creampie will surely be enjoyed by all who stop by to view it.

Jason says in the accompanying description that the couple had returned to her home for a weekend rest, which obviously led to a little roll in the hay. He mentioned the camera had come out on several occasions and Sam, while very shy according to Jason, enjoyed showing her wares as well as taking self pics on her cell to send to him at inoppertune times.

As a fan of amateur creampie he wanted to contribute so with his camera at the ready he set about capturing one, and what a great photo it it. Sam's innocent beauty is only outshined by the glissening sparkly of cum peaking up as us from the lovely creamy pussy. Thanks for the amateur photo guys, and I hope I paraphrased your message with the correct context, and the image of your sweet blonde girlfriends first creampie will surely be enjoyed.

My Young Amateur Girlfriends Creampie

This terrific photograph was sent in by one of our great members Terryl who recently discovered the internal cumshot fetish and quickly set about capturing some fun of his own by sending in this picture of his young amateur girlfriend's creampie loaded twat.

He mentioned that his girlfriend wasn't overly thrilled about the prospect but with some coaxing finally agreed to do the dirty so Terryl grabbed the camera and readied the flash for the finish and we are happy he did as the excellent photo he sent of his young amateur girlfriend's creampie dripping hairy hole is one of the all time most downloaded files here.

Unlike our other contributors he didn't give us much detail to post with his pic other than he loved feeling her pussy suck the cum from his nuts and discovered that after had little energy left, or interest too, grab the

Enjoy this weeks post of Teryl's young girlfriend and remember, capturing the creampie can be difficult, but rewarding.

Amateur On Couch Shows Her Creampie

Young and beautiful would best describe this lovely amateur wife whom is so adorably spread out on the couch after recieving a large deposit for her furry mufff. This great picture was sent to us by Jake and it features his lovely girlfriend Sam, whos silky tan skin captured not only our attention but that of everyone who views it.

Jake has been a fan of the site for some time and couldn't resist making a contribution, as you will read below, so he talked his girlfriend Sam into doing one just for us.

Hey amateur creampie, please add this photo of my girl Sam to the group if you please. As a long time guy who has enjoyed all the other stuff given by so many I wanted to share also so I talked with Sam and she agreed to let me take a pic for you. She is a very sexual thing and I love to show her off so we done it on the livingroom floor and after my nut she jumped up on the couch to show her creampie to me. Please add it and any part of my message to the free section and we hope people enjoy as much as I have enjoyed seeing all the others.

Well Jake we are happy to do just that so here is Sam in all her glory, a beautiful amateur on the couch showing off a lovely creampie.

Amateur Wife Is Dripping After Creampie

We always love to see new contributions come in the mail and when we opened up this one and discovered the Jeff's lovely amateur wife dripping after a creampie it was quickly added for everyone here to see and enjoy.

Jeff explained they where newlyweds being married just barely a few months when he snapped this image of his amazing wife's wet pussy and as a fan of amateur creampie he wanted to share it, and boy are we glad he did. Pictures like this are what its all about, the sight of a freshly fucked housewife with cum dripping from her box is what all our peeps enjoy and it appears as though she was put away wet and tired.

Anyway here is his story... Hi AC, please accept this contri of my love and new wife Lexi. We've been married just a short period but I've been a fan of your site for many years simple as a lerker. While Lex and I have played with the camera before we have never shared out private images with any other site but my facination with creampie brought me to conclude that without people like us sharing none of it would exist, so here is my wifes pussy dripping after a creampie. Enjoy and keep up the fun.

Thanks Jeff for the pic and for your support, we always like to see new couples take the creampie plunge and your amateur wife dripping a gooey creampie is exactly what everyone here enjoys looking at so here is your post, and your image, and thank you again for sending in the lovely shot of your wife.



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